The Popular US Energy Provider, Stream Energy

Written by JoyousTrinity on November 10, 2017

Stream Energy is a large company that was established in 2004 and is started as an American electricity retail firm and also provided natural gas. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Tollway Center. They also offer customers with wireless, shielding and home services. In business, they use multi-level promotion to make sales in the country. The hiring of employees was initially through a separate market division called Ignite which later on merged with Stream in 2014. It resulted in the Stream Brand.

The allies of the company can get commissions when they sell and recruit new sales associates when they get a substantial number of energy clients. The Stream Energy has meetings with their associated that are called Business Presentations, and they are carried out so that their way of doing business is grasped. Sales representatives can be in internet-based sites that help them get information regarding recruits and forums. Learn more about Stream Energy at Better Business Bureau.

In 2010 people could sign-up with 300 dollars in Georgia and pay up a monthly 25 dollar fee that was used to keep the website on. Regular associates were paid 0.50 dollars and 3 dollars a month when they added a new customer. Annual incomes for the associates in 2013 ranged from 686.90 dollars to 117.12 dollars. Learn more at Biz Journals about Stream Energy.

Larry Mondry was hired to be the new president and CEO in 2016. They now offer advice on how to conserve and use energy sparingly. First of all, one needs to know how many gadgets he/she has. The devices need to be few, and if they are many, the plugs should be removed from the socket. Take, for example, when one keeps their coffee maker turned off always, they will be able to save more than a dollar in a year. Entertainment systems in the house if left on for a whole year will cost 130 dollars for energy, this cost is high, and it could be used for something better and fun.

To redeem yourself from this burden, you need to; switch things down when you are not using them. You will save a lot of money that would have been instead wasted.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Will Replace Outgoing Lazaro Brandao As Chairman Of Bradesco

Written by JoyousTrinity on November 9, 2017

Lazaro Brandao, the famous, 91-year-old chairman of Bradesco, has announced that he will soon be retiring from the banking business for good. He has stated that he will be replaced by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO of the bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, in turn, will need to select his own replacement by March of 2018. Trabuco Cappi has said that the process by which he will choose someone to succeed him is complex and that the company deserves a fair and carefully considered process. He has said that he will use the majority of the time available in deliberating the decision.

Brandao gives a few parting words

Lazaro Brandao is one of the oldest currently serving chairmen of any major corporation in the world. At 91 years old, he has been with Bradesco since 1943. He started working as a bank teller at the age of just 16. Over the next 75 years, Brandao was able to claw his way up the corporate ladder, eventually landing at the position of CEO in 1981.

It wasn’t so much his career prior to becoming CEO nor his longevity at the firm that have given him the status of a sort of living legend of banking that he currently enjoys. The legend of Lazaro Brandao, at least among the Grupo Bradesco shareholders, begins in 1981. At that time, Bradesco was still a relatively small, local bank in the city of Marilia.

But over the next 36 years, Brandao and his underlings would embark on a period of some of the most explosive growth of any company in the history of Brazilian business. When Brandao also accepted the position of chairman of the board in 1990, the growth of Bradesco was starting to pick up. By this time, the bank was a regional force around the state of Sao Paulo. However, it was between the years of 1990 and 2009, the whole time with Brandao presiding as chairman, that the bank really began shooting for the stars.

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Between 1990 and 2009, the stock price of the bank exploded by more than 300 times. By the early 2010s, the company had grown from just a few dozen branches to nearly 3,000. It also had nearly $100 million in assets. When shareholders hear the name Brandao, it is intrinsically associated with these incredible feats of business prowess. It’s no wonder, then, that, even as the aging banker approached his 92nd birthday, some shareholders were still expressing serious doubts about his departure.

Trabuco, on the other hand, does not curry the same favor with shareholders. Although it is clear that the sometimes jaded view that some shareholders have of Trabuco Cappi is unfair, the first six years of his tenure as CEO were sufficiently roller-coaster like to still induce waves of nausea in some.

But Trabuco Cappi has been a major force for success in his own right. After having turned around a number of the business’ failing units, including the now-highly-profitable financial planning division, Trabuco Cappi was quickly noticed by the company’s top brass. Eventually, it led to his promotion to CEO in 2009.

Trabuco Cappi was also responsible for one of the bank’s greatest coups. In 2015, he was able to successfully complete the acquisition of HSBC Brazil and all its assets for a $5.2 billion, all-cash deal. This move immediately rocketed Bradesco back to the number-one spot among Brazilian banks, repositioning the firm to a place where it can potentially knock all other competitors out of the race, for good.

Whoever ultimately replaces Trabuco Cappi, it is likely that they will continue with mostly the same programs and visions that he set in motion.

Read more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi:á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

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Threats Of Republican Administration To DACA

Written by JoyousTrinity on October 31, 2017

As the new Republican leadership has been working overtime to set their own policies, aiming to break away from the ones that the previous administration put in place, DACA is the latest target.


What Does DACA Stand For?


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) is a program established in 2012, by the Obama administration. It is a way for undocumented illegal immigrants to avoid deportation. With a few requirements put in place, one basically has to be a student of some sort, who has been brought to the United States at an early age. By applying for DACA, they can obtain a social security number and a renewable work permit.

Furthermore, those who are approved will be eligible for in-state college tuition. Thus, one can get a legal permit to work, go to school, and be a lawful resident of the country even though they arrived illegally.


A New Threat


The movement to rescind DACA started off in Texas. The Lone Star state Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a letter to the Trump administration, asking for DACA to be rescinded, which 9 other attorney generals and one governor signed. By starting the movement against DACA, Attorney General Paxton has threatened over 800,000 people. Since 95% of the people on DACA are either studying or working, benefits that they provide to the country are undeniable.


Frontera Fund’s Joining The Fight


The famous Frontera Fund, founded by Jim Larking and Mike Lacey, is taking a side against Paxton. These who writers were victims to a racially motivated sheriff in 2007, and they won $3.7 million in an unlawful arrest case that violated their First Amendment rights.

Since then, they have used the fund to help Hispanic people who have been affected by racially-oriented crimes. The fact that they will be organizing ways to fight back and advocate for a permanent solution to the issue makes perfect sense.


Events Currently Unfolding


The members of the Hispanic Caucus have already met with the Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly. They discussed the potential implications that this decision would have on those who used DACA, as well as those who have family members taking advantage of DACA.


Right now, it is unclear what the future of DACA holds. The movement has gained quite a momentum on both sides, and it is one of the most pertinent issues that arose lately.

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Why Entrepreneurship Remains the Best Option for Mike Baur

Written by JoyousTrinity on October 13, 2017

Passion is a strong foundation for a successful business enterprise. Every business currently in operation was once an idea. Some businesses today and some successful careers started out as childhood dreams. The story is not different for Mike Baur. In his tender age, Mike’s love for banking and finance was uncontainable. It was in his hometown, Fribourg, Switzerland, that this passion was hatched. Hence, it did not come as a surprise when he opted to pursue banking and finance in college.


Mike Baur is an MBA holder and has an executive MBA from Rochester University and Bern University respectively. Done with his studies, he joined the banking industry of Switzerland where he toiled for 20 successful years and climbed the career ladder over time. Ultimately, he became an executive member of the board of a renowned private bank in the country.


Mike Baur’s need for development and achievement grew day by day. As a result, he had to change lanes from being a corporate figure to become an entrepreneur. It all started in 2014 when he started Swiss Startup Factory with the aim of mentoring and supporting innovators, particularly the youth. The endeavor was independently funded and also run under private ownership. It was a pioneer project in the country that sought to establish accelerator programs for entrepreneurs in the line of technology.


Bearing in mind that passion for finance characterized Mike Baur’s youth, he is currently a great supporter of the young people pursuing their passion. For this reason, much of his time and resources are dedicated to offering coaching and financial elevation to favorable startups for the young. Before retiring to entrepreneurship, Mike Baur worked in various institutions. He worked for Clariden Bank and also Sallfort Bank, both of which are located in Switzerland. Presently, he serves as the CEO of Startup Factory. Moreover, he heads the Financing and Fundraising Committee of the organization. Mike Baur was involved as a member of the jury at the START Summiteer, a contest in St. Gallen University for startups. He was also named the Assistant Managing Director of the alliance between CTI Invest and the Swiss Startup Factory.


Since its inception in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory has experienced tremendous success. During last year only, it received well over 1500 startup applications and has overseen the accomplishment of two Accelerator Phases that involved over 50 mentors. Consequently, these achievements have placed the Startup Factory in a distinct position where it can now bid and win high-profile personalities to help meet its operational objectives. Under the leadership of Baur, the company has fostered many startup businesses in and out of Swiss. He attributes this success to the enormous integration between the corporate sector and startups today.



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Betsy DeVos: Education Minister To The Country, Philanthrope To The People

Written by JoyousTrinity on September 25, 2017

Betsy DeVos is one of the people in the current government who is trying to make a difference to the education system in the country. DeVos is the Education Minister of America under the presidency of Donald Trump. She was elected to the position after a first of its kind tie breaker vote had to be cast to elect a person for the post. Education has always been one of the main focuses of DeVos’ life, and she has spent most of her career working to better the system for the society and the children therein.


DeVos has always been someone who has supported educational reforms. She was a strong advocator of the School Charter Movement, which was one that wanted to make it so that independent people and business owners could now start up their schools in the country. DeVos, being a mother herself knew that finding good public schools with a high quality of education was hard. DeVos has always been one for advocating schools that are focused on overall development, and not just academics. She held that private schools, having more funds are able to do what public schools cannot do with the limited funds that they do have. She also wanted to bring forth a system that graded schools according to their amenities and facilities, so that parents could know whether or not the schools that they are sending their children to are good. Since there is no current grading system in place, parents have to rely on word of mouth and personal experience, whose drawbacks can sometimes only come to light when it is too late. As the Education Minister of the country, DeVos is on her way to bringing about big reforms in the system and implementing what needs to be put in place to improve the school system in America.


DeVos has always been an incredibly philanthropic person. She and her husband, Dick DeVos are two of the most charitable people in the country. They have donated billions to charities, organizations, educational institutions, political parties and also individual people. Together, the two of them started up the DeVos Family Foundation, which is an organization that helped them with their philanthropic endeavors. Through the DeVos Family Foundation, Betsy has awarded scholarships to students of varying age groups. The organization regularly looks out for children and teenagers who have shown an exemplary amount of skill in their academics or extracurriculars and gives them scholarships so that they can go and seek a higher level of education at better private institutions. These scholarships have been of tremendous help to those who have been born in underprivileged homes, giving them a new hope for a brighter future.


To learn more about Betsy DeVos, visit

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Imran Haque: The Medical and Beauty Expert

Written by JoyousTrinity on August 16, 2017

Dr. Imran Haque is a medical doctor working in North Carolina with over 15 years of experience. Imran Haque currently works at Horizon Internal Medicine with offices in Asheboro and Ramseur. Dr. Haque graduated with a degree in medicine from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo 1988 with honors. He attended an internship at the University of Virginia under the Medicine Roanoke-Salem program specializing in internal medicine and did some practices at Randolph Hospital.
After completing the program, Imran Haque attained a license authorizing to practice his skills in North Carolina. Doctor Haque conducts treatments on patients with internal complications and for internal medicine consultancy.He always aims at accurately diagnosing the right disease.
He is skilled in various practices such as disease treatment, check-ups, and internal examinations. He cooperates with other doctors and physicians from different medical groups, therefore, improving his medical skills. He is an expert trained to prescribe and treat diseases such as diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia.
Imran Haque performs various medical practices including weight management for both health and cosmetic purposes. Also, Imran Haque performs laser hair removal methods, the patient’s hair is removed from a particular body part, and the rate of subsequent hair growth is slowed on any body part.
Moreover, he performs a laser treatment commonly referred to as 360 resurfacing, a cosmetic practice. In this practice, the skin on the face, neck, and chest is tightened in several weeks with one stage done per week to enhance the skin texture and tone.
Imran Haque is trusted by patients because he delivers as he promised. He is a medical expert who believes in the value of human interactions. His staff is well-trained like him, and they put the patient’s health as a top priority.

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Securus Technologies and the Responsibility of Protecting the Public

Written by JoyousTrinity on August 4, 2017

Securus Technologies has spent years servicing correctional institutions and law enforcement facilities in need tech solutions for their communication and investigatory needs. As inmate populations grow, Securus has witnessed an increase in demand from its clients for new products and services, and with that a renewed appreciation for the role the company play sin keeping the civil population safe.


In a recent statement, Securus Technologies published some of the hundreds of emails and letters they receive daily from their clients. These messages come from across North America and detail the many areas of law enforcement and corrections that the general public may not be aware require technological solutions.


One official commented on how Securus’s commitment to monitoring technological changes has allowed their facility to maintain direct contact with partners in law enforcement, which helps inform the public of emergency situations and coordinate responses while providing safety. Another corrections officials remarked on Securus’s role in identifying a corrupt officer on their staff and giving them the opportunity to collect evidence on them while stopping the flow of contraband moving through their facility. Securus has even taken part in identifying suspects part of ongoing investigations.


Founder and CEO Richard A. Smith said that helping law enforcement and corrections perform their duties is part of Securus’s overall mission statement. This is made possible by weekly releases of new products or services.


About Securus Technologies:


Securus Technologies is an American security company, dedicated to servicing correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies in Canada, Mexico, and the United States with technological solutions. Authorities at the local, state, and federal level rely on Securus to help them manage records, allocate suspect data, monitor the behavior of inmates, and assist in developing investigations.


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies provides products and solutions to thousands of correctional facilities and assisting agencies, placing them at the center of monitoring more than a million inmates.


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Written by JoyousTrinity on August 4, 2017

All about Julia

Julia Jackson is the youngest daughter of Barbra Banker and Kendall Jackson the founder of Jackson Family Wines. She is a proprietor at Jackson Family Wines and also the spokesperson of Cambria Estates which was founded by her mother in 1987.


Jackson has a bachelor’s of Arts degree from Scripps College. During some summers in her college years, she enrolled as French teacher after learning French from a French daughter of a winemaker who was an employee in her father’s firm. After college, she further pursued her graduate studies at Stanford school of business attaining a certificate in General Management.

Jackson grew up in the wine business as her parents and family were already well established in the firm by the time she was born. Jackson’s mother was a support pillar for his father as he progressed in his wine career.

Her inspiration

With her mother as her inspiration, Jackson in 2014 set up Cambria Seeds of empowerment which is a program that offers $100,000 grant to non-profit companies annually. The program supports firms that seek to embrace the program goals of equality, spirit and community. The program celebrates women who are an inspiration to the community. The program also celebrates women like her and her mother who have succeeded in a male dominated business world but also have managed to be authentic.

Julia draws her success from her father’s emotional intelligence and visionary leadership. However, her mother is her greatest inspiration as she was the genius that gave most of the brilliant ideas to his father.


In the year 2010, the estates Julia’s vineyard Pinot Noir was named the wine of the year by wine enthusiast. The firm other wines varieties include; Grand Reserve Sonoma County rose, Santa Barbra County Chardonnay, Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon among many others.

In 2015, Jackson Family Wines flagship Sonoma County wine was launched. During the launch, Julia pointed out that Sonoma County loved the Chardonnay and the Pinot Noir wines. However, according to her the best wine for the county was Cabernet. The Jacksons Family wine company intends to market the county resources so that the county can feature in the international wine industry.Julia Jackson is indeed a woman to reckon with in the wine industry.


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Why Become A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard

Written by JoyousTrinity on August 3, 2017

Becoming a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard can be a rewarding experience. It opens the door for friendship, more money, and other opportunities to grow as a person in general. The Traveling Vineyard is a well respected brand who knows and truly understands the world wine and what to give to people to make them happy customers. Want to become one of their wine guides? If you are still on the edge, let’s see if this is what you want to try doing.

Why Become A Wine Guide For The Traveling Vineyard

First of all, there is good money to be earned. There are so many people who forget about the fact that being a wine guide actually makes you 35 percent for every bottle sold. You also receive almost weekly payouts to your bank straight away. The money to be earned is also limitless. You get the chance to make money from the direct sales of your team as well, so there are more ways than one to earn money.

Becoming a wine guides means having the flexibility to make money while also seeing other opportunities come about. You don’t need to work for a certain number of days to keep the position. You can sell whenever, wherever. You can take the break when you need to.

You can also gain some incredible and powerful friendships with other great wine guide and even your customers. It really brings people together. Having wine at the center of the friendships proves to create friendships.

The Traveling Vineyard is ultimately one of the best companies to work with because they really do care for their wine guides. They try to care for them as best as they can. The Traveling Vineyard is well respected also because they do have great wine that other people really come back for. Expect to have customers for months and even years to come right back to you. There is big money in this industry. As long as there are adults who love relaying and unwinding, this is the industry to be in because people will always want new wine.

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A Life Full Of Giving

Written by JoyousTrinity on July 13, 2017

– When Mr. Soros Defines Philanthropy

It often takes the rich to really define what philanthropy means. It’s clear that none of us can truly give unless we have something to actually give. When we do ourselves, we can then redefine what philanthropy means. Until then, the world watches George Soros lead a path for others to follow. This path is both for the rich and poor.

Of the rich, Mr. Soros has been able to set the standard which we know today as charity.

Among the poor, he’s been able offer inspiration. And that inspiration is one where societies across the planet witness what’s possible with charity work. When you have the leverage to decide how resources affect nations, then you have the power to make a real impact. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Giving, Giving And Then Some More

This type of impact is something we’ve seen for quite some time now. All that we can describe it as is giving, giving, and then some more. Just when we think George Soros felt that his charitable work was complete, he had more in store. His announcement, for example, that he would retire from charity work shocked the entire globe.

It was only when another opportunity to truly make a world impact came along did George return from his charitable retirement. That opportunity was with Hilary Clinton. When the former president’s wife announced that she would run for office, George Soros immediately contacted the Hilary PAC and made a donation.

The act alone enabled George Soros to define what philanthropy really means to the world.

What We Can Expect From George In The Future

It’s safe say that these acts give us a clear clue of what we can expect from George Soros in the future. It’s not likely that he’ll be as active as he has been in the past. Nevertheless, it’s also clear that Mr. Soros will find it difficult to walk away from giving a helping hand to the world.

From the Open Society Foundation and more, this man is sure to answer to the world when it’s in need. The real question which resides with us is when that will happen. For now, only tomorrow can tell. Learn more about his profile at

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