2015 Female Entrepreneur Creates A Scandal On The Internet

Written by JoyousTrinity on March 21, 2017

Who Is Doe Deere?


Doe Deere is the 2015 female entrepreneur of the year with a remarkable line of cosmetics that are used by thousands of girls and guys around the world. Deere has always had an unconventional way of thinking that has pioneered her creativity. Earlier experiences like trying on her mother’s clothes and makeup has contributed to her need for bold colors. Doe is also a successful marketing specialist and technology expert with institutional educational training and real world experience. Lime Crime is a revolutionary way to choose colors and wear makeup.


How Lime Crime Got Their Start?


At the tender age 13, Doe Deere began to market novelty tattoos to her friends in Russia. She began to wear temporary tattoos to popularize them among her friends and begin to sell them. More importantly, she was glad to have a product that her friends could appreciate and was ready to buy. She also learned the valuable skill of marketing products to her clients. She later moved to New York City and begin to have a successful career as a musician and as a design school student.


Being a musician only allowed her to appreciate the people that would support her cause and come to her events. She wasn’t destined to stay in a rock band forever. She entered designed school and begin to hone on her unconventional way of thinking by creating unlimited designs with color. After design school, she decided to perfect her cosmetic ideas with a velvetine matte base and super-foil cosmetic line of lipsticks and eye-shadows. You can visit YouTube for a creative solution to applying, mixing, and matching, Lime Crime products. The tutorials feature actual customers that have purchased their products on their own and are not paid actors.


On a quest to create more radical colors Doe Deere has created the Scandal cosmetic line that includes a wonderful shade of a purple and violet hue that is a favorite among their 1.4 million Instagram customers. Lime Crime offers colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet, but Scandal is set to release colors that are familiar to the LC name. You can choose from waterproof makeup that won’t smudge when you’re doing normal things like eating and drinking throughout your day. Learn more about the colors offered through Lime Crime by visiting their exclusive website https://www.limecrime.com.

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Roberto Santiago Made A Mall That Shoppers Can Spend Their Entire Day Within

Written by JoyousTrinity on March 20, 2017

Manaira Shopping is world famous as on of the most expansive shopping centers within the city of Joao Pessoa. Manaira’s proprietor is Roberto Santiago. Mr. Santiago is renowned in the area for being the region’s most outstanding entrepreneurs. Roberto Santiago is determined to present the finest commodities and services to shoppers. Manaira Shopping has quite a few soothing, enjoyable, and leisure oriented amenities for the patrons. Manaira provides superb beaches, outstanding cuisine, and ideal sunset views.

The variety of excitement and leisure undertakings offered at Mr. Santiago’s Manaira Shopping market have caused it to earn a fantastic standing in the community. The infrastructure at the market can be utilized by families that want to experience a quiet surrounding, enjoyment, and leisure when they come into the city. The amusement facilities that are constructed in Roberto’s Manaira Shopping comprise a fully electronic amusement park, movie theaters, bowling lanes, and ballrooms. The market’s theater is comprised of eleven rooms, modern audio and visual equipment have also been installed. The cinema incorporates rooms devoted to 3D, a room with stadium-like seating arrangement, and a room for VIP guests that want to see a movie with only their friends or family members. Each of the theaters 11 rooms host their own private bar service for obtaining drinks or snacks without having to miss a moment of the movie. The amusement park area also serves drinks, candies, and snacks. The park is electronic and contains over 200 machines for gaming, and is well over 1800 square meters. The Manaira mall also has fitness centers devoted to helping shoppers stay in shape. Read more on polemicaparaiba.com

A massive gourmet space can be found within Mr. Santiago’s Manaira Shopping. The food court area is very relaxing, and therefore, shoppers have an amazing time there. The Gourmet Place has a fantastic steakhouse that presents highly enjoyable meals. They also have a food court with delicious offerings that can easily suit one’s needs. The top of the Manaira mall has a very wide and tall concert hall. It is called Domus Hall and it was constructed nearly 10 years ago. It is considered to be the most grand space in all of Joao Pessoa. The concert hall is extremely up-to-date, has air conditioning, amazing sound production facilities, and it incorporates sound proofing acoustic buffering. The Domus Hall can have up to 10,000 visitors if they are standing up and 4,000 visitors if they are seated.

Roberto Santiago is highly regarded for being a successful entrepreneur in Brazil. He also owns the Mangeira Shopping Mall, it is a high-tech shopping center. Mr. Santiago’s career as a businessman began while he was employed at Café Santa Rosa. View more articles on portaldolitoralpb.com

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The Brightly-Colored History Of Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Written by JoyousTrinity on March 8, 2017

Today, cosmetics brand Lime Crime is a force to be reckoned with. Hugely popular beauty bloggers dedicate videos to reviewing new Lime Crime products and the brand’s social media followers are in the millions.


However, a little less than ten years ago, Lime Crime was just an idea in the creative and whimsical mind of Doe Deere. Born in Russia, Deere played dress-up with her mother’s makeup as a little girl. She gravitated toward bright lipsticks and bold eyeshadow shades. At the age of 17, she moved to New York City to fulfill her dream of becoming a rock star.


As a musician on stage, Deere decorated herself in bright and sparkly costumes that demanded attention. She created many of the clothes herself which led her to launch a fashion line on eBay. Deere deconstructed clothes to create new pieces that pushed the edge of fashion and rejected trends unapologetically.


When Deere modeled her fashion creations, she wanted to wear bold and sparkly makeup to match her unique and fearless aesthetic. Unfortunately, most makeup brands at the time were creating products in nude and neutral colors. Deere didn’t want to wear makeup that hid her flaws. Instead, she wanted to experiment with her appearance with bright pigments and glittery finishes.


In 2008, Deere launched her cosmetics brand Lime Crime in an effort to challenge conventions of the cosmetics industry. Instead of creating products for women who wanted to hide their flaws, she launched lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners that encouraged women to have fun with their faces. Lime Crime products are incredibly pigmented and come in unexpected colors and finishes. In other words, this is not a brand for people who like to play it safe.


A huge part of the brand’s success has to do with Deere’s strict commitment to her own aesthetic vision. Never once has Deere capitalized on a trend or tried to copy another brand’s style. Instead, she has stayed true to herself and her brand. In turn, millions of loyal customers know that they are getting makeup that will allow them to look unique.


Thanks to Deere’s fearless sense of self-expression, she has given makeup lovers of all ages permission to experiment with cosmetics. As a result, cosmetics brands that have been around for decades are copying Lime Crime’s unique colors and formulas. However, Deere will always be ahead of the curve as long she stays true to her own creative vision.

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Securus Technologies Makes Great Headlines Again

Written by JoyousTrinity on March 3, 2017

When there was a need to create technology that could stop criminals from using cell phones to contact people outside their correctional facilities with illegal information, Securus Technologies decided to develop a way to stop this activity. They have the technology to do so because they are the leader in the public safety field. The company decided to make the Wireless Containment Solution.


The Wireless Containment Solution created by Securus Technologies checks for illegal wireless devices in facilities across the nation in an effort to protect the public in an even better way. The company is very proud of the technology because they listened to a lot of their customers that said that the prisoners were using contraband cell phones in the facilities. Having this ability has stopped a lot of illegal activity from occurring in the prisons and outside them. Since Securus Technologies is known for their great work in this field, this is another huge accomplishment for them.


Securus Technologies creates new ways to improve the safety of the public every week. They have the ability to dos, and they are proud to be the leader in the industry. Their work is known all over the world, and they are in high demand at facilities and prisons across the nation. They deal with the government on a regular basis, and have contact with over 1,000,000 inmates yearly. Since they deal with investigations, monitoring and more, they are highly skilled at what they do. In the future, they want to create even more ways to keep the public safe, and make the world a better place to live in. With their dedicated and hard working staff, they will provide more and more technology that will do just that. They have also invited the public to visit their Dallas, TX facility for a tour and presentation about the latest technologies that they are using to protect the public. Making it harder for criminals to complete their crimes is what they have doing with their involvement in both the civil and criminal aspects of justice. They are indeed creating a better and safer world for everyone.



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New Way To Fight Lung Disease With Stem Cells

Written by JoyousTrinity on March 1, 2017

A Breakthrough In Treatment

The Lung Institute has recently announced the arrival of an entirely new way to treat chronic lung diseases based upon the use of stem cells. This breakthrough is changing the way patients are treated and giving them an entirely new level of freedom they have never before experienced. Previous methods of treating lung disease were either invasive or forced patients to live a limited life. Now, patients are able to live as if they have never had the disease.

The Stem Cell Difference

The key to understanding why stem cell therapy is so effective is to understand how stem cells work. Stem cells are the body’s natural repair cells. The body uses them whenever it needs to repair injured body parts such as a wound or broken bone. Doctors are using these stem cells to create entirely new ways of treating patients without invasive surgery. Stem cells are first derived from the patient’s blood or bone marrow. Later on those stem cells are injected into the lungs where they help to repair the damaged lungs and restore function to them.

The Patients Tell All

The patients who have received this therapy tell amazing stories about the ways they have recovered thanks to stem cells. Patients who were previously chained to their oxygen tanks are now able to run and live as if they have never had the disease. This level of recovery is something doctors have previously considered impossible for many suffering from chronic lung disease. Conventional methods simply don’t offer the same level of improvement and rarely give patients the quality of life they receive with stem cells. This is amazing in and of itself, but is only the beginning of a new movement in medicine.

The Future Of Regenerative Medicine

The Lung Institute is offering patients the first wave of regenerative medicine. For years doctors have looked for ways to heal patients by simply allowing them to recover lost function. Thanks to stem cells that future is closer than we may have thought it was before. For more info, follow the on Lung Institute Twitter and subscribe to the Lung Institute YouTube channel.


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Investment Advisor Igor Cornelsen Has Simple Yet Effective Investment Rules

Written by JoyousTrinity on February 4, 2017

Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen has a history of giving his clients excellent investment advice. Few people can match his work when it comes to making the right investments in Brazil. Cornelsen is well respected because of his knowledge and experience working as an investment advisor for several decades. Many revere him as the country’s greatest investment advisor on prnewswire.com. But his knowledge is not limited to Brazil. He has even given Burger King, the American fast food behemoth, investment advice. That is just one example of the respect his knowledge of international markets has earned.

Igor Cornelsen has come by his in-depth and wide ranging knowledge of the Brazilian and international markets on WordPress because he has spent decades in leaderships positions in some of the world’s largest banks and most successful businesses. This has helped to give him a deep understanding of the forces at play and the ability to accurately anticipate which companies will rise and which will fail. Cornelsen’s understanding of the Brazilian economy is second to none. Plus the countless investors he has helped to enrich have shown he has long known exactly what he has been doing. Source: http://igorcornelsen.tumblr.com/

Igor Cornelsen has some very basic investment advice that he gives to all his clients. To Cornelsen the rules are simple. They are:
1. Get rid of losing stocks as soon as possible so they don’t wreck your portfolio.
2. Invest as early as possible to give your investments as many years as possible to pay you dividends.
3. Invest for the long-term and don’t feel you have to make changes with every hiccup the markets make.
4. Create a diversified investment portfolio to hedge against losses and create multiple income streams.
5. Spend time with local citizens and get advice from an experienced local investment advisor to learn about the local economy.

The knowledgeable investment advisor Igor Cornelsen is now semi-retired. He spends much of his time in South Florida playing golf. Still he offers valuable investment advice through the Bainbridge Group, an investment company located in Colorado on SnapPages. For people fortunate enough to get investment advice for Cornelsen success is assured.

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How Brian Bonar Makes Investments Successful

Written by JoyousTrinity on February 2, 2017


Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur. He has founded several successful human resource management companies. For too long he has been scouting the HR experts running these companies. Brian was also involved in technologies to help in accounting and payroll management.

Most of his efforts in the Human Resource Management industry were successful, and later he decided to shift from the industry. Today, Brian is seeking talents in culinary arts and investing in hotels and restaurants. Just recently, he built a restaurant in Escondido and San Marcos, San Diego.


Bellamy is one of the grand cuisines owned by Brian. The restaurant serves exquisite dishes, which are prepared by one of the best chefs in the region Chef Patrick Ponsaty. Bonar has concentrated on seeking the best chefs in the industry to make Bellamy one of the most exclusive and restaurants in the region.

He hired these chefs from the leading restaurants and considered their achievements as chefs e.g. Ponsaty honored as the Master Chef of France. The restaurant is nearby a Ranch in Randy Canyon. It is built on a 144-acre land, which Brian wants to transform to a four stars event space with a high-end restaurant.


One of the key ingredients of Brian Bonar success in business is his education background. It has equipped Brian with skills essential to running a business. He attended James Watt Technical College and graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering. Later, he went to pursue Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Stafford University. He joined business after school, and since then, he has founded a long list of the successful companies operating under him.

Career History

Brian also had worked for IBM before joining Trucept. His performance at IBM was outstanding, and he was promoted to be the Director of Engineering for QMS. He did not stay at IBM for long; he quitted joining Adeptic he got in-depth knowledge in sales and marketing. In fact, he was the head of the sales and marketing department of the company.

Still, Brian was not satisfied with the position, and he decides to quit and start his company. He founded Bezier Systems after quitting Adeptic. The company turned out to be successful.


Brian Bonar has worked in different industries a move that has played a significant role in the success of his career. He has managed to found a number of successful companies. Currently, Brian is in the Hotel industry where he has invested in two restaurants in North County San Diego.

His experience at Trucept exposed him to human resource management and risk management. These two set of skills has helped him to grow and develop his companies.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Offers Clients Comprehensive Services Through New Online Document Ordering System

Written by JoyousTrinity on January 24, 2017

A leader in document-processing in the mortgage and real estate industry, Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) has responded to calls for action from clients in regards to title defects. Title defects have become increasing causes for concern within the real estate market in recent years, with many believing that these title defects cause wrongful foreclosures or sluggishness of otherwise smooth transitions.



NTC believes that ensuring a clear title conveyance can help tremendously in avoiding these issues. That is why NTC has taken the steps to help make the process of securing property reports easier and simpler for their clients, launching their updated website which makes property reports available through an online ordering system.



Most title defects happen when an entity or person lays claim to a property that is actually owned by someone else. There are however several other factors that could render a title invalid, including failure to include necessary signatures, previous liens or other encumbrances that haven’t been removed, failure to follow proper filing procedures, and simple wording issues within the document.



Due to those factors, CEO of NTC John Hillman feels that addressing any and all title defects before the property is transferred is absolutely necessary. In order to help their clients in the ever-changing mortgage industry, NTC has made many property reports available through their online ordering system. These reports include current owner report, assignment verification report services, and tax status reports.



NTC’s goal of providing their clients with simple, fast processes of securing property reports has been made easier with their updated website. These services are made available for any residential property within the country. NTC receives their data from numerous sources and verifies the information through both automation and human verification, a service that has allowed NTC to become a successful servicer to some of the largest lenders in the country under crucial compliance regulations.



Their process gives accurate results for what the client’s report is intended. NTC’s process can even recognize the financial impact of the report if the client is ordering too many and can recognize if documents ordered could be of no use to the client.



NTC was founded in 1991 and is based in Florida. It is a privately-owned document-processing provider to investors, servicers, and mortgage lenders, including eight out of the top ten mortgage servicers in the country. NTC is known for delivering high-quality services which have set the industry standard. The company’s experts can fulfill document requirements in every jurisdiction in the country.




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Swiss Start-up Factory Partners with CTI Invest

Written by JoyousTrinity on January 24, 2017

Starting from January 1, 2016, Swiss Startup Factory will begin a close cooperation with CTI Invest. The announcement was made by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, CTI’s Managing Director at the Swiss Venture Day held in December 2015. CTI Invest, a leading financing platform for innovative enterprises in Switzerland will commence a close cooperation with Swiss Startup Factory to develop the Swiss startup ecosystem.


After formation of the partnership, Mike Baur, the founder of Swiss Startup Factory assumes the mantle of the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest. He is expected to succeed the incumbent CTI’s Managing Director, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier. To further cement the relationship between CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory, Jeane-Pierre will be part of Swiss Startup Factory’s management team.


The two organizations will partner in different fields such as startup acceleration, co-organizing events such as the Swiss Startup Day, and training Swiss digital entrepreneurs under the brand “Swiss Startup Training.” The training process is scheduled for spring 2016. Already CTI Invest and Swiss Startup Factory have unveiled videos and podcasts featuring Swiss Startups.


CTI Invest will support Swiss Startup Factory during the pre-selection process, co-organizing events such as the Demo Day, and training Swiss startups. Since both organizations act as lean facilitators, their partnership will adopt the lean concept. The partnership will result in the renewal of the Swiss Venture Day format. Two tracks will be used simultaneously at the events in Lausanne and Zurich. One track will be for IT while the other one for Life Science. Furthermore, organizers plan to have a Life Sciences Venture Day in Basel.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur worked as a commercial apprentice at UBS before moving to Swiss Private Bank as an executive board member. He has two decades of experience in Swiss Private Banking. Mike started his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of 39 after joining forces with his two partners to establish Swiss Startup Factory, the leading privately-financed Swiss startup accelerator. Already as a youth, Mike had interest for the subject of finance and banking.


Throughout his career, Mike devotes a significant portion of his practice to mentor Swiss youth entrepreneurs while offering financial aid to Swiss startups. Mike serves as the co-founder and Managing Director of Swiss Startup Association. He attended the University of Bern and Rochester University in New York to pursue an Executive MBA and MBA respectively.

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What LOVAGANZA’s Highly Anticipated Celebrations Entail Come 2020

Written by JoyousTrinity on January 6, 2017

2020 will be an exceptional year for the LOVAGANZA and the whole world especially to those who will taste the great celebrations anticipated to be held by the entertainment brand. They will be held in several destinations in the world through the inspiration of Bohemian adventure on lovaganza.com and other cultures on the earth. Great entertainment from action films, exhibitions as well as other magnificent appeals will be part of the celebrations. They are anticipated to start in May and end in September 2020 happening concurrently in eight different worldwide flagship places.

Lovaganza celebrations entail showcasing different cultures that are present on the earth through the unusual and dazzling form of entertainment. All these will be portrayed through exhibitions, motion pictures, live events as well as attractions so as to fulfill the LOVAGANZA’s aim of experiencing on a Bohemian Journey around the world.

The extraordinary event was previously planned to happen in the year 2015, but the planners pushed the date to the year 2020. The reason behind the change of the date is because LOVAGANZA wanted to capture the current entertainment technologies on Facebook that are changing vigorously. This will help to gulp the most recent or the current cultures existing on planet earth. The celebrations are expected to happen simultaneously in different places including America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia as well as Oceania.

Before 2020 comes, several activities concerning the final ceremony will be carried out for the preparation of the four big months. Such include a traveling show on Facebook beginning in 2017 and it is aimed at promoting the 2020 LOVAGANZA celebrations. The traveling Avenue on lovaganza.com will also show some samples of the motions pictures on 3d and 2D technologies to be revealed in full later in 2020. The shooting of the preliminary film trilogy will be carried out then of which it has already begun in some places like U.S. France and Spain as well. The film trilogy will be showcased on the immerscope screens during the traveling show, but during the major celebrations, the screens used will portray the latest technology representing the present and future.

LOVAGANZA is one of the entertainment brands that accounts for a humanitarian mission. The brand leads in making fabulous global entertainment that inspires humanity so as to create a world of Peace, Unity, and Abundance for everyone. LOVAGANZA has two different entities distinguished by nature of work and profitability. The LOVAGANZA Entertainment Franchise and aims at producing films that provoke global impact and earns some incomes as well. The other entity is LOVAGANZA Foundation which is a philanthropic arm aiming at carrying out charitable activities. Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/41611183/Lovaganza-2020

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