Mike Baur Encourages Start-Ups through the Accelerator Program

Written by JoyousTrinity on June 14, 2017

Mike Baur is a Swiss national, a businessman and an entrepreneur. He previously worked in the banking industry for 20 years, before he quit and started investing in start-up companies. In 2014, Mike co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, and since then he has been the managing partner of the factory.


Mike Baur took part in the University of Gallen’s START Summiteer as a jury for start-up contests. In 2016, Mike was appointed the deputy managing director of CTI Invest, which partnered with Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur has visions, and that explains why he was able to succeed Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier as the CTI’s managing director. The ideas contributed to the success of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Swiss Startup Factory partners with CTI

The two organizations will cooperate in various fields to realize the success of start-ups after pre-acceleration. The two plan to partner in areas such as the Swiss Startup Day, Swiss Startup Training and the Swiss Startup Pitch, which will use videos and podcasts. Mike Baur believes in the partnership between the two firms. Baur was appointed as the deputy manager of the Swiss Startup Factory after the collaboration with the CTI Invest. The CTI under the watch of Mike Baur will be responsible for organizing the demo days of the accelerator initiatives of the Swiss Startup Factory. It will also support the entire project through coaching and mentoring sessions.


The accelerator program

The Swiss Startup Factory has since its inception in 2014 been looking for new and highly promising digital entrepreneurs to invest in to ensure their success. Mike Baur started the accelerator program, which devotes itself to providing growth opportunities for new start-ups from any corner of the globe. Mike Baur intends to nurture the agenda.


Programs under the accelerator program

Mike introduced the accelerator program for the Swiss Startup Factory in 2016. The program was in collaboration with the Goldback Group and similarly partnered with the Fintech Fusion on the same initiatives. The developments made by Mike were featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the leading entrepreneurs in startup investments.


Some of the essential services offered under the accelerator program for start-ups include linking entrepreneurs to an international network of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, and access to an excellent IT support team. The program also offers expert legal advice and services, digital product designing and marketing strategy as well as financing. The primary goal is to assist the business in taking off and growing to reputable ventures.


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Mike Heiligenstein and the Ways he is Improving Austin County

Written by JoyousTrinity on June 8, 2017

The concerns about the road usage in State Highway 130 which is found in San Antonio are many. In fact, the road has been downgraded twice because the traffic numbers are small. However, Mike Heiligenstein who is the executive director of Mobility Authority says that most road users avoid this path due to congestion. At the same time, the footprints that are already there cannot get more lanes, and the neighboring cities are not willing to allow bigger footprint. Heiligenstein says that adding capacity to the State Highway 130 is not the solution, but the best approach is figuring out a way to make the road more multi-modal so that even if the travel behavior has been changes and capacity increased, the road will be able to accommodate the changes.


The other concern that is there is on the toll roads. In the recent years, these roads have experienced financial performance that is poor due to the weak economy and the high prices of gas. Thus, the question that everyone is asking is if there is a case to be made of these toll roads. When enquired about this Heiligenstein said that though toll roads help, they are not the solution and should be used with others trail ideas to ensure there is no congestion on the road.


Heiligenstein is the executive director of Mobile Authority since the year 2003. Before joining this from he was the City Council Member of Round Rock City. He also worked as a County Commissioner of Williamson. His primary focus when he was working was infrastructure like parkland acquisition, the development of Bushy Creek Regional Train, and Transportation. It is no wonder that he was the ideal candidate to work at Mobile Authority. In fact, he saw the business growing from s startup to a national leader to the operation of toll roads. He strives to offer services to the public by trying to make sure that the transportation is smooth at the same time focusing on the wellbeing of Austin Community.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a company that focuses on preserving and enhancing the quality of life in Central Texas. The firm aims to achieve this by changing the landscape of the region and engaging with the communities that it serves. The company though under the government, it is independent. Its purpose of reducng congestions is to create transportation choices that will help to enhance economy vitality. By law, the body is allowed to implement an extensive range of transportation systems like transit services, airports, and roadways.


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How the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Was Created

Written by JoyousTrinity on June 4, 2017

There are many groups of attorneys out there that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights. They are groups that want to do some good to the world by supporting noble causes for people that don’t have the voice or the condition to have the necessary legal assistance that they need.

Migrants, for example, are always struggling with law enforcers requesting their documents and doing a bunch of question with preconception prejudice just because of their different culture and country of origin.

This happens all the time, even for migrants that are legally in the country. Judgment and censure are everywhere. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

Attorneys that defend LGBT people are also included in the groups that fight for human rights. Many times, individuals find themselves target of a lot of verbal abuse and many times physical aggression because of their sexual orientation. Other times, attorneys make the crucial mistake of avoiding defending these communities because of the controversy that it can bring to their career, which is why there need to be lawyers that specifically defend them.

And so, the extensive list goes on. Some attorneys defend “guilty people,” in the language of lawyers, and most of the times they can research and support condemned victims that were actually innocent, and that can be a huge uplift for a lawyer’s career.

There is a lot of wrong injustice in the legal system that requires the dedication of professional and dedicated lawyers to help mitigate the abuse and restore justice where it is needed. Fighting for individuals who are right, even if they are up against powerful, multinational corporations, is important to build a unique name for the lawyer’s career.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, for example, are not far from a tough start to their career as a duo of lawyers who fight for migrants’ rights.

Michael and Jim are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media have struggled a lot with censure and the lack of real justice when regarding the politically influential individuals versus those who don’t have as big of a voice.

The duo got arrested on an afternoon on October 18, 2007, by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County. They acquired a $3.75 million settlement that directly resulted in the team being arrested by the sheriff because of a misunderstanding and lack of evidence that supported Michael and Jim.

That settlement money would be dedicated to individuals that are facing issues with migration, and they have covered many migrant rights organizations throughout Arizona. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

The team is now again in the active and are supporting any attorneys that want to defend individuals facing censure for being a migrant or coming from a different culture, and they are continuously funding and supporting organizations and groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant rights.

Freedom of speech is a right of every American citizen, but, sometimes, there needs to exist an extra push from those who have a voice in the constitutional court.

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created to invest in these foundations, and the settlement money has already been used to support dozens of people that were facing legal issues.

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Learn About Arthur Becker in 3min

Written by JoyousTrinity on May 30, 2017

Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners LLC. The firm is core business real estate; earlier its focus was on biotech ventures. Before Madison LLC, Becker worked at Zinio LLC as CEO. Mr. Becker has been chief executive officer of NaviSite a Nasdaq-quoted company, which provides Internet services in the US and the UK; he worked as an advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years and has been a private investor in real estate and technology.

Mr. Becker was born in 1950 in Brooklyn New York; he’s a graduate of Fine Arts from Bennington College 1969, specifically mixed major of photography and ceramics. Arthur schooled at Amos Tuck (Dartmouth) business school before moving 18th-century American houses in New England. Becker resumed his photographic work in late 1990 with the intention to create graphic images with texture, introducing visual artifacts to traditional paintings.

Arthur Becker personal business and investments have been something to reckon. He’s behind city biggest developers including Michael Stern, Robert Gladstone, and Kevin Maloney. He’s probably putting down his name on a condominium project somewhere out there.

Arthur started as an investor then turned into a developer. He currently rolls out an eight-unit building with a sell-out of approximately $52.5 million at 465 Washington Street in Tribeca. He projected this building to be an artisanal boutique building with elegant interiors designed by Paris Forino.

The apartments size range from 2000 square feet to 4000 square feet. Prices will range from $2200 per square foot to 3200 per square foot. Hence units will cost from $5 million to $14 million for the penthouse. To further develop this site into a ten story building he bought land rights from the owners of adjacent buildings. Becker investment adds up to $550 million worth of projects in New York City.

According to Curbed, Becker is one of the investors who bought and sold assemblage for $70 million; he has a financial backer of PMG and Madison Equities condo development.

In conclusion, Becker is optimistic about the development at 465 Washington. He’s currently looking in the market for $25 million construction loan, and even though he would like to build 50 units at this site, he argues eight would be enough.

Visit his website arthurbeckerstudio.com


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EOS Lip Balm Gets More Fans and More Exposure

Written by JoyousTrinity on May 17, 2017

EOS is the brand of lip balm that has taken a surprising large lead against well-known companies like Burt’s Bees, Blistex and ChapStick. EOS is a brand that has been around for a long time with shaving creams and lotions, but there is a strong surge in the lip balm arena because this company has received a considerable amount of social media buzz. Most of this talk about the EOS lip balm stems from a large number of celebrities that are pulling these lip balm spheres out of their pockets and purses.

This company has gained a tremendous following online, and the working-class is utilizing these lip balm products to make lips smooth, but there’s also another surprising usage for the decorative colorful spears.

Many event planners have started to use these spears for decorative purposes. It is not uncommon to see a multitude of these pastel colorful spears at a wedding shower. All of the different pastel colors are well recognized as typical colors that are used for wedding or baby shower decorations. It is also a product that event planners do not have to pack up and carry away when the event is over. These lip balm spears us can be given out as party favors. All of this makes it rather the EOS brand to gain a lead on the rest of the competition. https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

A couple of years ago the lip balm by EOS was something that few people even acknowledged when they went to buy lip balm. Today it has become one of the most recognizable products in the lip balm section of Target and Wal-Mart’s stores and even online on eBay and Amazon. It did not take long for people to warm up to the product. The biggest part of getting consumers to buy the product was getting it out to a mainstream audience.

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Litigation Changes For Attorney Karl Heideck And Corporations Seeking Financial Safeguards

Written by JoyousTrinity on May 17, 2017

Attorney Karl HeideckThere will be sweeping changes that make an overwhelming difference within litigation practices during 2017. Companies relying on their current financial infrastructure will face unprecedented risks with litigation. They will need to assess those risks more specific to their bottom line and market exposure.

In addition, measures governing accurate data and the reporting of that data, within a lawsuit, will be held to a much-higher scrutiny in 2017. The litigation process will now be vulnerable, for assuring accuracy processes are in place before any lawsuit proceeds. Those companies that are capable of maintaining accurate data, as well as securing their financial infrastructure can mitigate risks.

As an experienced and accomplished Attorney in the Greater Philadelphia region, Karl Heideck has counseled many of his corporate clients on this very matter. Heideck has over a decade of experience advising businesses and corporations on the financial risks of lengthy litigation’s.

Karl Heideck has a specialty in risk management, and compliance laws. An addition, he advises on legal writing and employment law. Karl Heideck believes that companies seeking to initiate small, or large claims, will need to adhere to the changes eventually, or they face huge uncertainty, within their financial portfolio and investments.

For this reason, over the past six years, companies have needed to lessen their risks by assembling litigation financing. This growing process limits the company’s vulnerability to the potential exposure of lawsuits. Companies will continue to need to assess financial risk; however, litigation financing has already proven to be a valuable solution.

Read more on Behance.net

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Jeremy L. Goldstein, A Corporate Attorney with Dedication and Compassion

Written by JoyousTrinity on May 5, 2017

A new resource has been made available to those in New York needing an attorney. The New York Bar Association has expanded its services to now accommodate those who prefer to use the web. The referral service is called the Lawyer Referral and Information Service and can be accessed anytime at https://nysbalris.legal.io. There is no cost unless the client wishes to have a consultation with an attorney; at which time it will be determined if the $35 consultation fee is required. This economical and time-saving venture takes the frustration out of having to hunt down an attorney. Often times, the time spent ends in giving up due to time constraints or simply dropping the issue. Among the attorneys providing great representation in New York is Jeremy L. Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein is a partner of his firm Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC. He came as a partner from another prominent firm wanting to concentrate his specialization area of corporate governance and executive compensation issues. His resume in these areas is rather extensive; his clients range from large retailers to the transportation industry and everywhere in between. His educational background is also impressive, having graduated cum laude from Cornell University. He pursued a master’s degree and then continued on to law school at NYU. Jeremy Goldstein has also contributed his expertise through articles featured in NYU’s Journal of Law as well as Harvard University’s business department.


Despite Jeremy Goldstein’s hectic schedule, he still makes time to give back to the community. He volunteers as a director for Fountain House, a local charity helping those with mental illness. He’s also shared his wealth of knowledge with larger charities like the Make a Wish Foundation. While his well-rounded background in liberal arts and the legal profession make him an asset to nearly any organization; his passion and dedication take him to the next level.


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Traveling Through Nepal

Written by JoyousTrinity on May 3, 2017

Backpacking Nepal


An undisputed truth of travel is that traveling through Asia is inexpensive and packed full of wonders both natural and spiritual. If your next destination is in Asia look to Wild Ark to aid with your trek through the most beautiful landscapes and furthering your conservationist education.

Nepal is a destination worthy of independent or group travel, and can be easily navigated on foot by backpacking along a path which would lead you and your travel companions past some of the most unique sights Asia has to offer.

Early spring is the best time for travel to Nepal because the summer is characterized by monsoons and downpour as Nepal’s wet season. Nepal is home to extraordinary biodiversity; the Himalayan and Mahabharat mountain ranges, the Churia hills, the Central valleys crisscrossed with rivers and farmland, and the southern Terai plains. Intermixed within these landscapes are Nepalese jungles dense with rain forest and unique wildlife.

The Nepalese government has responded to the growth in their tourism industry with increased efforts to create sustainable tourism opportunities for travelers, national reserves and parks, and conservations. Efforts made to this end are very much in line with the attitude Wild Ark adopts about all its travel destinations.

Wild Ark aims to help educate travelers who are already interested in spending time in nature how they can be a part of the effort to save the most valuable resources we have available to us around the world. Inspiring travelers to act with conservation and preservation efforts is the major motivating factor of providing travel guides and experiences to global backpackers.

Nepal can be several destinations in one with its radically different ecosystems and hiking opportunities. There are locations and options for everyone, including some of the most beautiful and nature-loving religious sites in the world. Many of the Buddhist temples in Nepal embrace and cooperate with the habitat in which they are built, further inspiring travelers to embrace this practice of co-existence in their own lives. Visit Nepal with Wild Ark for a fulfilling travel experience with nature this spring.

Learn more:



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Hussain Sajwani- An Intelligent Entrepreneur with Philanthropic Donations

Written by JoyousTrinity on April 26, 2017

Hussain Sajwani is a national of the United Arab Emirates and the founder of a globally known real estate development agency, DAMAC Properties. Sajwani holds a degree from the University of Washington. He initiated his career in GASCO where he was assigned the role of a Contracts Manager. He worked there for a short span and later established his company, and in 1982 he joined the catering business. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: http://www.forbes.com/profile/hussain-sajwani

Hussain Sajwani was also among the first people to build the expansion of the property market in Dubai. Later, he identified the need for hotels to hold the growing number of visitors of the Emirates for business purposes and built several hotels. In 2002, he spotted a market gap for property and established a company, DAMAC Properties, which has now grown to become one of the most prosperous real estate businesses in the Middle East. Read more: DAMAC Chairman Relishes His Roots

As the best company in the marked, DAMAC Properties has cooperated with some of the most famous companies to introduce new and improved existing concepts in the real estate market. The projects include a project with The Trump Organization to build a golf course designed by Tiger Woods, apartments with interiors designed by Italian companies Fendi Casa and Versace Home, Bugatti designed luxury villas, and luxurious and uniquely designed Paramount Hotels &Resorts.

Hussain Sajwani has teamed up with Donald Trump to establish two Trump-branded Golf Courses one that was opened in February this year and the other one planned to be opened towards the end of 2018. Trump in a press conference termed Hussain Sajwani to be a very unusual person who offered him a $2 billion deal in Dubai although he turned it down.

DAMAC Properties is a real estate development organization in the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai, in the Middle East. Since its founding, the DAMAC company’s aim is to be at the top of luxurious property development. During this time, the company has worked their best to build a good reputation by delivering the finest quality properties in Dubai, and now they are among the leading property developers in the Middle East.

Hussain Sajwani is famous for his Philanthropic events including donations devoted to children to keep them clothed. Other activities include contributions to UAE Red Cresent to help Refugees in Need, UAECompassion Campaign to help refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, and UAE Suqia Programme for water Aid.

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Securus Technologies Is Cheered On By The Media

Written by JoyousTrinity on April 21, 2017

A media article was recently circulated around the online world. This article was filled with dozens of positive reviews of Securus Technologies. Many observers of online media content are very surprised at this. The reason is because how much media reporters criticize organizations, especially those tied to the government. This article is shedding a lot of light on Securus Technologies and all the good things they are doing for communities throughout the United States.


It was recently discovered that there are articles written daily regarding Securus Technologies. These articles are written by government officials and others by inmates themselves. All these articles are positive in nature. There has never been a piece of writing distributed that speaks negatively regarding Securus Technologies. More and more people are beginning to recognize how Securus Technologies is transforming the lives of inmates, and this is causing the media to be drawn to Securus. Securus Technologies is shocked. They remember when people did not even know their name and could not even pronounce it. Now Securus Technologies is becoming a regular topic within mainstream online news.


Other countries are starting to acknowledge Securus Technologies, too. It has been reported that several different countries recently displayed news stories regarding Securus Technologies. These news stories depicted how Securus Technologies is taking inmate communication to the next level. These countries hope their prison systems can take some lessons from Securus Technologies.


After hearing about other countries acknowledging their services, Securus Technologies is considering going global with their products and services. They believe this will be their biggest challenge. This is because they will have to learn inmate laws in other countries, and they will have to make sure prisons in other countries have electricity in the first place. Securus believes this is a dream that will come true in time.



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